Advanced P2P Lending Charts

I’ve replaced my Flash-based charts with a new charting library based on JavaScript. This allows the charts to now work on iOS based products.  It also allows me to unshackle the charts from their 24-month static historical view. I now have all data in existence incorporated into the charts.  It will allow my user’s to see Lending Club and Prosper data a new light.

Charts have been broken up into four sections:

I believe many Prosper investors will find these charts of particular interest since they show Prosper before and after their quiet period.  As you can see before the quiet period Prosper originated much more. This is most likely due to liberal underwriting practices.

The data is highly interactive which will allow you visualize the data in different ways. It’s functionality is very close to that of Google Finance’s charts. Most charts include a daily and monthly view. The monthly view smooths out the data and allow you to see macro trends. The daily charts allows you see micro trends, like LC advisor activity (managed accounts) at the end of the month.

Update: 32-bit Blues

The VPS I use is 32-bit to save on memory. However this is not going to work long-term. I ran into an issue with the graphing library. Since JavaScript timestamps are in milliseconds I’m requiring more digits than a 32-bit significand will offer.  In the mean time I am representing all the X values using a function Date.UTC.  It’s not the best solution but it will make the graphs useful for the time being.


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