Many Ways to Invest in P2P

In our November newsletter, Summer Tucker outlines the difference between our Self Directed and Fully Managed account services.


Happy Fall everyone!

In this newsletter, we are going to highlight the many options available to investors who are interested in getting started with peer-to-peer lending.

So how do you decide which option is for you?

NSR Invest offers a self directed account, which is an excellent option for an investor with the time and expertise to manage all aspects of a peer to peer investment strategy. You can analyze loans, predict the criteria that will indicate the best borrowers, set bid limits, create filters, and set up auto investing.

For self-directed investors there are resources to kickstart your p2p investing experience: a learning center with answers to frequently asked questions, industry resources, and web-based tutorials for new users. For a complete newbie who is determined to do it themselves, NSR has loan selection filters to help them get started.

The primary challenge for many self directed investors is designing a winning p2p investment strategy. For some this is an exciting and rewarding way to go. For others, this can be overwhelming, which is why our fully managed service is so popular.

For those who want to invest in p2p without the work, NSR Invest offers a fully managed service. For these accounts, we use our proprietary technology platform to: ++ open your account ++ allocate and transfer capital to your account ++ assign the appropriate investment strategy ++ deploy your capital ++ track your account performance ++ track your monthly cash returns, ++ reinvest your capital… …and on and on until it’s time to harvest your capital.

But what about our investment strategies? Our credit team designs and maintains robust, proprietary algorithms targeting specific yield with low charge-off risk. Our goal is to build your wealth steadily, slowly, with little volatility, and with very low correlation to equities and bonds.

If you’re already managing a Lending Club or Prosper account on your own, you can switch to a fully managed account at any time. And because NSR only bills on idle cash and the capital we deploy on our platform, we won’t charge management fees on previously deployed capital.

If you have any further questions about which account type is best suited for your particular investment goals, please do not hesitate to reach out.