Welcome Texas and Arizona

July 2015: two big states have jumped on the p2p train. Hooray for TX and AZ!


Hats off to the state regulators of Texas and Arizona, who this week paved the way for millions of retail investors to achieve the uncorrelated, non-volatile returns that characterize p2p investing. On Monday of this week, Lending Club, one of our key partners, announced that both Arizona and Texas are now open to retail investors on its platform. This is tremendous news: allowing residents of two important states to enjoy the goodness that p2p investing brings to investor portfolios. In total, Lending Club can now accept retail investors from 30 states across the country, and accredited investors from all 50.

Our core purpose is to serve the individual investor, to generate steady returns by investing in creditworthy people across the country. We thank the regulators of Texas and Arizona for taking the time to deeply understand the benefits and risks of p2p lending and for allowing its people to participate in the future of finance.