What a month!

Our May 2015 wrap-up (includes highlights from the annual LendIt conference).


What a great month!

We started with the announcement and launch of NSR Invest, which was received very positively both by long-time clients and new friends. We were overwhelmed with the response. After all the careful planning and hard work we put into the combination of Lend Academy Investments and Nickel Steamroller, it feels pretty good to be so warmly received.

After our announcement, we went to the LendIt Conference in New York. LendIt is the industry’s largest annual gathering. As co-founders of the conference,.we were absolutely thrilled with the turnout. After hosting 950 delegates last year, we were blown away by the nearly 2500 people that showed up for LendIt this year. Keynotes included Noah Breslow of OnDeck, Renaud Laplanche of Lending Club, and Ron Suber of Prosper. Our most notable speaker was Larry Summers, former head of the US Treasury and one of the foremost economists of our time. There were a lot of great moments at the conference, but my favorite must have been when Dr. Summers said – and I’m paraphrasing here – the growth of the LendIt Conference is indicative of the goodness that the p2p industry is bringing to the financial world.

NSR Invest had a team of six at the conference, including our Chief Credit Officer and leaders from our platform development team. I and the rest of our team personally met with a number of current and prospective clients. We had a chance to really engage with people and learn about their needs, and everyone we encountered was appreciative of the work we’re doing. It was a great week.

After the conference, it was back to business, and happily so. Building the platform that enables real people to successfully invest in marketplace lending