Lending Club Portfolio Analysis

I’ve created a new analysis tool to help you better understand your Lending Club portfolio. The Lending Club interface can make it difficult to see how many notes of a loan you own.  One of the most important steps to increase returns and managing risk with any P2P lending website is to diversify. The report will also make some recommendations to help improve your returns.  Folio will charge a 1% fee to sell a note, but if you can make that up in additional interest payments it will be worth it.  Or, if you own 5 notes of the same loan, you might consider selling some of the notes to reduce loss on default.

How to Analyze

When you are logged into your Lending Club account, you can export all of your notes by clicking the “Notes” tab and scrolling to the bottom to a link that says “Download All“. This will prompt you to download a file called notes.csv. Now head over to the portfolio analyzer at http://www.nickelsteamroller.com/portfolio and select the file for upload.

Please note, these files contain no personal identifiable information, and I do not store the uploaded files. They are removed after analysis.

If you have additional ideas on intelligence we can program into the portfolio analyzer, please leave a comment or contact me.


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