Lending Club Portfolio Analysis – New Features

You now have the ability to exclude loans based on grade in the portfolio analyzer. This is useful to project returns if you plan to sell all of your loans for a particular grade. You can determine if the addition returns (or loss in some cases with defaults) is worth it. Try analyzing your portfolio without and A and B loans and see what your returns could be. You might be surprised.

A grade loans make up about 2% of my portfolio. When I started out on LC I was incredibly conservative and A grade made up about 38% of the portfolio. There is nothing wrong with this. I would think someone in retirement looking for some predictable fixed income would be beyond happy with this when considering alternatives. I mention this because the portfolio tool currently attempts to obtain aggressive returns.  As I add more intelligence I will allow more input parameters.

Up coming features:

  • SSL Done
  • Portfolio aggressiveness input
  • Projected default rate

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