Lending Club Update – December

I still have three notes hanging out, pretty much waiting to default. I had one note that slipped into the 16-30 day late category but the borrower contacted Lending Club and is on a payment plan (neat!).

Lending Club Splash Screen

Nickel Steamroller’s Portfolio Analysis

The NSR portfolio tool still has me in at over 12%.

Although I am not sure the why but when I sum all of my purchased notes.csv I get a value of $9,528 which is much higher than the account value displayed in LC of $8,812. I’m wondering if this is related to Folio activity. Both the tool and LC report 378 notes. Very strange. I also confirmed at smart peer lending and the account totals were the same (NSR = SPL). So I will have to dig in and see why LC is reporting a higher number on the exports…


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