Nickel Steamroller Feature Update

Default rate and returns are now combined into one function. There is no longer a need to toggle between two pages to determine what the correlated default rate is with respect to ROI.  The totals are now also listed at the bottom of the return/default table as well. This should allow for better understanding of the numbers you are looking at. After all, higher returns coupled with even higher defaults seems like picking up nickels in front of steamroller.  There is very little upside to the risk…

I took some time to work on the saved searches, allowing you to turn them on and off.  There is no limit to the number of saved searches, but each search is limited to 50 loans per email notification. You will not be emailed the same loan twice!  Once a new loan comes into the database, people that have a loan which matches their search criteria will only be notified about it once.

Many thanks to Peter Renton over at for his very helpful usability and functionality suggestions.  He’s been instrumental in the formation of this project, and he has a great blog!

I’d also like to thank Ken L. at for the inspiration to start this project. I hope it continues to evolve and innovate.


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