NSRP Signup is Now Open


NSR Premium is now accepting new signups. During the launch we will be offering a limited number of investors accounts that have no limits on size or transaction volume for $25/month.  Once the signup process is streamlined for investors, tiered accounts will exist based on transaction volume – not assets under management. For small accounts, less than $10,000 there will be starter plan which will be $10/month.

NSRP is currently auto-investing for accounts which total size exceeds 9 million. The volume that has been automated now exceeds 1.6 million.

We are pleased to offer this service to all investors – both Lending Club and Prosper. During the signup process there may be a delay in enrolling your accounts for API access. You will not be charged until your first transaction.  Requests for access will be processed in the order their are received.

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14 thoughts on “NSRP Signup is Now Open

  1. Do you have a roadmap to automate buying/selling on the secondary exchange? Unfortunately I live in a state where I’m not allowed to buy from the primary market. If you had that secondary market automation I would gladly sign up for a premium service…

  2. I am in a state (MI) where I can only use the folio site to trade notes. Are there benefits to me signing up for this due to this fact and what are they? thanks

    1. There are pros’ and cons’ to the secondary market. Many people use it as a dumping ground for note that are not performing in the hope of someone buying them. But for the most part, you will find notes listed at par that you can invest in. One of the pros’ of the secondary market is that most notes are older, and therefore less likely to default. I would recommend signing up and trying. But learn how to filter out notes that are bad or priced poorly.

      1. Thanks for the reply Michael. Incredible site by the way. I am familiar with the pros and cons of the secondary market. It’s just that is the only thing that I have access to since my state does not allow me to use the lending club site directly to buy initial notes. My question is because i only have folio access does it make sense to sign up for the premium as many of the tools may not apply. thanks again.

        1. Sorry, I might have missed that. I am moderating through Disqus’s site today, it I don’t think I saw that. The answer is no. I would love to but there are not APIs for the secondary market, so I would not feel comfortable selling or buying notes. If in the future this changes, that would be one of my top priorities.

          1. No prob Michael,

            Thanks for the honest feedback. I know there is an API in beta test mode right now that the big boys (institutional investors) are using to trade on folio. Not sure when it will be rolled out but supposed to by the end of the year. I will stay plugged in here and at some point if I can trade directly on LC or when they open up the API for folio I will be ready to make a move. Have a great Sunday!

  3. I don’t understand this part of your message: “NSRP is currently auto-investing for accounts which total size exceeds 9 million. The volume that has been automated now exceeds 1.6 million.” It sounds like you won’t auto-invest unless the account exceeds $9,000,000??? but, the volume is 1.6 Mil? Volume = # of investors? Vol = total amt. auto-invested?

    1. It’s still up. Assets have passed 19 million. But I am just one guy with a day job. I have to be careful about scaling operations past what I can reasonably support. I’m trying to accommodate as much as I can.

      1. Okay, was just wondering. I was watching LC last night @ 5pm EST, and watched as 220 loans came on, and within seconds, it was down to almost 180 loans. I think API investing is going to be the only way to do LC in the near future.

  4. It has been along time since the NSRP sign-up closing. I almost check the site everyday for the new sign-up date. Michael, please let us know when the NSRP sign-up going to open again?

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