P2P Lending Wealth System Review

A First for P2P Lending

Peter Renton has put together a world first. A complete video course that covers almost every aspect of P2P lending called the P2P Lending Wealth System. There’s almost four hours of content broken up into eight modules. It covers everything from risk, to trading platforms, to investing, to loan choice… and more.

A Little Background

Peter runs the largest P2P blog, The Social Lending Network, and has consistently kept information flowing into the P2P community for over a year (over 192 blog posts). I can tell you personally that his blog was one of the reasons I created Nickel Steamroller. It’s a significant resource for anyone looking to invest in P2P.

Tons of Information

Both platforms, Lending Club and Prosper are covered in-depth during the video. This is important because up to this point in time, most P2P information was scattered throughout the web as blog posts. For the first time we have the core of P2P Lending principles condensed into a single video course. The course is broken up into these sections:

  • Introduction
  • The Risks of P2P Lending
  • Before you Start Investing
  • Investing with Lending Club
  • Investing with Prosper
  • Maximizing Your ROI
  • The Trading Platform
  • How I am Investing Today

I love that risk is covered in detail right away. It’s one of the primary concerns for most people looking to get into P2P lending. He addresses risk, but more importantly he covers how to mitigate risk through loan diversification.

Perfect For Beginners

The video starts from a complete beginner point of view and takes you to what I feel is a well-developed understanding of P2P lending. You can follow it with great ease since he makes extensive use of the actual platform websites and 3rd party tools during the screen casting.

After watching the videos anyone will be able to start investing with confidence and understand the choices they are making with respect to loan section. I can honestly say every mistake I made investing early on would have been prevented if I had seen the video course when I started.

Even People With Experience Will Benefit

I have not been investing long but I follow P2P closely. I learned some new things as well from the course. Such as Lending Club’s quiet period (I had not idea they experienced this). I also learned of a new Chrome plugin called Prosperity which assists with loan selection on Prosper’s platform. Even people that consider themselves a pro will stand to learn quite a bit.

He also covers XIRR calculations for determining ROI on complex account scenario like non-periodic deposit into your account. I found module 8 to be of great benefit. It threw a new perspective on my loan selection process.

Peter has also said he plans to add modules with time. One module I know I am very interested in is taxes and P2P. Peter does cover this lightly in the video course. More importantly he covers the benefits of setting up an IRA for investing.

Get Started Today

If you are interested in exploring the video course, P2P Lending Wealth System, you can check it out here.


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