Meet Summer Tucker

For our August 2015 newsletter, Summer introduces herself and explains what she loves best about her work at NSR Invest.


My name is Summer Tucker and Iím the Director of Investor Success here at NSR Invest. My departmentís sole focus is exactly as it sounds: to help our investors succeed.

Every investor that comes to us has their own unique investment goals. Some are looking to send their kids to college, some are looking to save for retirement, and some just want money for a rainy day. So it is my responsibility to help our investors figure out which approach and product will help them meet their peer-to-peer investment goals.

What excites me most about working for NSR Invest? Everything, actually! Aside from my four-year-old son, Iíve never experienced anything that has evoked this level of enthusiasm in me day-in and day-out. Our asset class is one of a kind. It is unique, it is exciting. Our company culture is fun and casual, but we also take ourselves very seriously Ė we work very hard Ė and I have never seen a team of people so passionate about what they do. And lastly, our investors, who are obviously excited about a good return, but honestly even more excited about the social impact of getting to invest directly in another person.

My name is Summer Tucker, and if I havenít already, I really look forward to working with you.